Year End Note from HBA Los Angeles Board

Dear HBA Los Angeles Members,

Reflecting on 2018, this was a year of foundational growth and value add for HBA Los Angeles. We wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your commitment and engagement to HBA’s mission. It has been quite the year and we are happy to report the year ended with the Pacific Region winning the inaugural 2018 HBA Regional Excellence Award which was announced at the National Conference in Washington D.C. It is great to be able to share this impactful award with you all and our sister cities in the Pacific Region (Seattle, San Francisco, Orange County and San Diego) for our collective contributions for HBA.

Below are a few key accomplishments for HBA LA, which many of you have helped achieve: 

  • Established a high performing, diverse board 
  • Established an Advisory Board 
  • Built and engaged a volunteer team of dedicated members
  • Provided high quality and innovative programming throughout the year at the local and national level 
  • Increased membership by 40% through high touch outreach 
  • Built additional corporate sponsorships and partnerships in the Los Angeles area
  • Helped facilitate the formation of local corporate partner Ambassador Programs
  • Established additional corporate partnerships in the area

The LA Board is excited for 2019. We are also excited that the National Conference will be coming to the West Coast in 2019 to San Diego. We look forward to having you all continue to be part of the journey. Feel free to reach out to any of us anytime - we love hearing your ideas and having your enthusiasm and energy. We are a united force for change.

We wish you and yours a Happy Holidays and New Year.

Best wishes,
HBA Los Angeles Board