Courageous leadership: What does courage look like? HBA Zurich event recap | HBA

Courageous leadership: What does courage look like? HBA Zurich event recap

Courageous leadership: What does courage look like?

This is how the HBA Zurich event opened as participants arrived at event sponsor Takeda’s beautiful facilities in Zurich, Switzerland. Participants entered a room filled with images and were asked to choose which most represented the theme of courageous leadership. Was it the goldfish bravely separating from the pack to jump out of its bowl into a fresh, clean one? Was it the kitten standing its ground in the face of a line of German Shepherds? Was it the leader of a pack climbing up a mountain? Or was it the lone visionary staring into the horizon, seeing what no one else is able to see?

The interactive session led by speaker, facilitator and executive coach Adrienne Gibson challenged participants to think about the meaning of courage. The journey included examples of courageous women and how they changed the world’s perspective. The discussion ensued. What were examples in our daily lives where we experienced courageous leadership? In what instances did we feel we stayed silent when we shouldn’t have…and how did that feel? What were ways we can re-frame our thinking to empower ourselves to be courageous leaders in our own right?

Participants left the event with much to think about and much to discuss during the Apero that followed. At the end, participants expressed how much they enjoyed the event and looked forward to the next one.

The event sold out early, so make sure to add Zurich chapter to your HBA profile to ensure you don’t miss out on future events like this one.