Congratulations HBA Central New Jersey 2017 LEAD award winner

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our LEAD award winner Bahar Demirdirek and thank her for her hard work and dedication. 

The LEAD award honors volunteer who has made a significant contribution, demonstrated leadership excellence and dedication to HBA mission and has made a positive impact upon others. Bahar has gone above and beyond in her board role for the Central NJ Chapter. She has clearly made significant contributions and kept raising the bar for quality events.

At every event, Bahar has been an ambassador for the HBA. Throughout the year, she has had a positive influence, not only on the CNJ chapter board but on HBA members and non-members throughout the CNJ chapter and the NY/NJ region. Bahar has led two large events this year: one at BMS with approximately 270 attendees and one at Novo Nordisk with approximately 120 attendees. For the BMS event, the CNJ chapter got comments that it was the best HBA panel they had seen. Bahar also consistently innovates through suggesting ideas for events including a Sunday brunch, a summer event and county networking events. These events have been well attended with high ratings.  

Behar also leads by example. One of our CNJ chapter volunteers said: “It has been wonderful working with Bahar on WHILS 2017 and HBA Central NJ chapter activities. Bahar is an amazing leader who dedicated most of her free time to volunteering. She is supportive, approachable and passionate. She is committed to helping other women to grow and promoting the core values of the HBA. She always took time to connect with everyone and regularly goes above and beyond her position to take on additional tasks and responsibilities. Her inspiration and support has helped me to become a better version of myself and really enjoyed volunteering in the HBA community.”

Another of our CNJ chapter volunteers said: “Bahar Demirdirek is a natural leader and is an asset to any organization. As a volunteer for the HBA, she has used her influential skills to motivate, inspire and lead women at all different levels and areas of business to drive their own successes. I have had the fortunate opportunity to work with her on a number of local programs and watched her develop her leadership style. She is easy-going but firm and she is well-regarded with all who work with her. I look forward to watching her flourish in her career.”

Bahar’s relationship with Rutgers University was key to the HBA’s WHILS 2017 program, both in planning and on the day of the event. WHILS 2017 was made possible through founding in-kind sponsorship from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. The event took place on the campus of Rutgers University and key Rutgers personnel and faculty were engaged to partner with HBA for WHILS 2017. Bahar made the connection between the important work being done at Rutgers University and the mission of the HBA and WHILS.

This year, the LEAD award was given at the 2017 volunteer recognition dinner at Basking Ridge Country Club for the HBA NY/NJ region on 12 December.

Congratulations Bahar.

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