HBA Greater Philadelphia outstanding leadership award goes to Lynn Paolicelli

Lynn Paolicelli HBALynn Paolicelli, a solutions sales specialist, was recently recognized by the HBA Greater Philadelphia board on August 24 at Shire in Wayne, PA for her exemplary leadership and volunteer service as the 2016 HBA Greater Philadelphia director at large, mentoring committee.
Lynn joined the HBA in 2002 to expand her network within the healthcare industry. Volunteering as a member on the inaugural mentoring program team in HBA Boston, Lynn immediately understood how much deeper that experience was than just attending events. When she decided to relocate back to the Greater Philadelphia area from Boston, the extended network Lynn had fostered played a crucial role in helping her make local connections. Eventually Lynn became involved in the HBA Greater Philadelphia mentoring program and has been doing so for the past three years.
Lynn’s leadership and personal commitment to growing our mentoring program has resulted in measurable benefits to our chapter and our mentoring program for 2016. First, she structured and built our first leadership team within mentoring to develop leadership roles to support growth for the program, adding two engagement leads (one for mentors, one for mentees), a marketing lead, a programming lead and a project manager. In addition, Lynn created a group of six group connectors to work in a more formalized way with the mentor circles this year to ensure that participants experience positive results. This effort was in direct support of our initiative to not only grow this program, but to create new leadership roles within the chapter – to accommodate additional opportunities for experiential learning.
Leading the initiative for personal outreach through the chapter board, Lynn was able to solicit support and help recruiting mentors and mentees for the program. Lynn and her team achieved a remarkable growth goal, finding 59 mentors (four more than their initial stretch goal), along with 59 mentees (50% increase from 2015). Lynn has done a phenomenal job keeping the mentoring team focused on attracting and retaining new members for the program and continually looking for innovative ways to achieve their goals and improve the program. 
The mentoring program is serving as a powerful recruitment source for new members for our chapter. The growth in our program this year, driven by Lynn and our team, has made direct contribution to the health of our chapter. Lynn has shared that her experience volunteering in HBA Greater Philadelphia has been one of the most rewarding professional experiences she has ever had. Volunteering has been a meaningful way for Lynn to gain an authentic connection with other women while honing her skills. It is the investment she makes in herself, as she strives to become an even stronger leader and to give back to others. Lynn has demonstrated the leadership capabilities we believe makes HBA Greater Philadelphia great.

Thank you Lynn for your successful mentoring program. Congratulations!   
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