HBA Greater Philadelphia outstanding leadership award goes to Denise Lewis

Denise LewisDenise Lewis, independent consultant, was recently recognized by the HBA Greater Philadelphia board on June 14 at DePuy Synthes in West Chester, PA for her exemplary leadership and volunteer service as the 2016 marketing committee, event marketing sub-committee leader.

Denise has been a member of HBA Greater Philadelphia since 2014. She joined the HBA in order to further her professional development by taking on new responsibilities and attending relevant programs. Denise was also interested in meeting women in the healthcare industry in various roles and companies, giving her a broader perspective on her personal career growth potential. Denise thoroughly enjoys networking with such dynamic, progressive and interesting women. She always leaves a meeting, conversation or program with a new idea, or unique way of approaching a problem or opportunity.

Since joining the marketing committee last year, Denise was able to utilize her dynamic marketing skills to make an immediate positive impact on membership engagement by driving attendance to our chapter events through effective marketing efforts. To achieve this, Denise partnered across committees, developing highly performing collaborations with the programming committee. This year, Denise had the opportunity to take on a new leadership role as event marketing lead, where she was responsible for on-boarding and training new committee members, broadening her impact on the success of our chapter’s events and engaged members into volunteer roles, allowing them to contribute to our chapter and to their own professional development. Denise also regularly interacts with the directors at large for marketing, and finds ways to share best practices to improve our recruiting success. 

Denise has been recognized by her directors at large and her counterparts on programming as being a strong and valuable partner in ensuring success of events through marketing efforts, but also for her close collaboration with marketing and programming committee members, which drives efficiency, engagement and ultimately, event success. Denise is continually looking for creative ways to resource event marketing, for example by bringing in volunteer leaders from other sub-committees, thus increasing the number of cross-trained volunteers who can help the HBA, while broadening their professional skill set. Denise mentors these volunteers while at the same time giving them the independence to learn and to contribute. Denise has demonstrated the leadership capabilities that make HBA Greater Philadelphia.

Thank you Denise for your successful event marketing efforts. Congratulations.
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