2016 HBA Greater Philadelphia Idea Lab results - recognizing the volunteer’s voice in chapter leadership

On February 25, 43 HBA Greater Philadelphia volunteer leaders attended the 2016 Idea Lab to voice their opinions, provide feedback and offer recommendations to help drive the chapter forward. The focus was on what we can do to make HBA Greater Philadelphia integral to members, their professional success and make it more fascinating, fun and powerful in 2016. In recognition of their generous contribution of time and talent during the year, all volunteer leaders (committee members and ad hoc volunteers) were invited to attend at no cost.

Attendees rated the workshop very high, providing such feedback as, “this program is a fantastic idea and should be considered as an annual program.” There were eight discussion topics assigned by table; they included: 

  • Programming needs and preferences
  • Expanding the HBA’s value inside companies 
  • Expanding the HBA’s value through associations and partnerships
  • Membership growth, retention and expansion
  • Value of volunteering 
  • PR/advertising to raise awareness and visibility
  • Segmentation and chapter enrichment
  • Partnering with Corporate Partners’ internal women’s groups
Rich, active discussions took place at all the tables, with innovative, specific, actionable recommendations captured and reported out by each table to the larger group. The number of ideas generated by the groups was incredible. Our chapter’s business insights committee summarized all the fantastic ideas and provided the information to the board of directors. We are happy to provide members with an update on what is already underway or planned for this year based on the groups’ output. The following two items are underway now:
  • Topics such as “storytelling” and “work-life balance” have been addressed through programs and will continue to be incorporated into events throughout the rest of this year.
  • We are continuing to “go deep” with our chapter’s Corporate Partners and plan on creating corporate ambassadors within Corporate Partner companies.
Our chapter’s executive committee is also considered the following ideas for implementation:
  • Member segmentation
  • Programs for millennials
  • New ways to advertise, including new partner associations
If you would like to see a copy of the Idea Lab report, please contact us
Consider becoming a volunteer leader and make your voice heard at our 2017 Idea Lab.
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