Membership and volunteering committees

HBA membership and volunteering committee members work together to engage, develop and manage HBA membership within the Montgomery Corridor. Members maintain and grow HBA membership in their volunteer roles with the organization through prospecting, recruitment, retention and recognition.
The committee is broken into two subcommittees (member outreach and volunteer management) that work in tandem to support the function:
Membership outreach subcommittee leader: Shalini Chadda
  • Montgomery Corridor new member orientation: Responsible for chapter orientation and engagement of new members. Time commitment: approximately 3-5 hours per month. (Vacant)
  • Radical hospitality: Ensuring a welcome and engaging environment at all chapter events and organization of event volunteers. Time commitment: approximately 3-5 hours per month. (Vacant)
  • Lunch and learns: Handles in-company HBA information sessions for HBA corporate partners and potentially interested organizations. Time commitment: approximately one hour per month and 3-4 hours per lunch and learn session. (Vacant)
For information about the programming membership outreach opportunities with HBA Montgomery Corridor, please contact Shalini Chadda, membership outreach subcommittee leader.
Volunteer management subcommittee leader: (Vacant)
  • Volunteer placement: Works with chapter board to understand current volunteer needs across all functional areas and fill open roles. Works with new volunteers to identify their interests and needs and place them in suitable role. Time commitment: approximately 4-6 hours per month.
  • Volunteer tracking: Maintains the database of chapter volunteers, their efforts contributed, areas of interest and availability. Solicits satisfaction data from volunteers, documents volunteer performance and indicates needs/opportunities and replacements as needed. Time commitment: approximately 4-6 hours per month. (Vacant)
  • Volunteer recognition: Implements HBA volunteer recognition programs within the chapter. Manages recognition submissions and facilitates decision-making process. Works with event committees to plan and implement volunteer recognition and recruitment events. Time commitment: approximately 3-4 hours per month. (Vacant)
For information about the programming volunteer opportunities with HBA Montgomery Corridor chapter, please contact Bianca Farias, volunteering management leader.