Meet Juliet Hart

Juliet C. Hart, CEO and founder of Hart & Chin
HBA chapter: Central New Jersey and Women in Science (WIS) NY/NJ Region
Current role with the HBA: HBA Central NJ director at large, marketing, and tri-chair WIS NY/NJ

I volunteer for the United Force for Change because the volunteers I work with are professional, amazing and motivated. I enjoy the camaraderie, working together towards a mission and supporting our community.

Volunteering has impacted my career by giving me the opportunity to lead a diverse group of individuals from all walks of life towards united goals to benefit our community.

My favorite HBA events are the ones that our volunteers organize! (Fully transparency, I haven’t yet had the opportunity to go to the Annual Conference. I imagine that it’s great!) Also, I greatly appreciate the HBA mentoring program.

Volunteering has expanded my network by introducing me to volunteers from all different healthcare companies. It’s broadened my perspectives of the challenges that companies face. I was first motivated to get involved with the HBA when I moved to New Jersey and knew I needed to build a support network.

The most valuable lesson I learned from a fellow volunteer is most of us don’t feel as confident as we seem to be on the outside, in that way I’m never alone in how I’m feeling.

My favorite part of volunteering for the HBA is working with others and building teams and getting to meet amazing people both professionally and personally.

I applied for my current role with the HBA because as part of the Central New Jersey chapter I wanted to give opportunities to others to lead the content for events and then expand my skills in marketing. I also knew I wanted to get involved with my local Women in Science affinity group because my passion is in working with and learning from scientists.

What would be your advice to someone thinking about joining or getting more involved with the HBA? Leverage the connections, you never know who you’re going to meet and who you will learn from.

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