Meet Andreea Apostol

Andreea Apostol, artwork implementation manager and global regulatory operation Integration lead, Pfizer Inc.
HBA chapter: London
Current role with the HBA: HBA London president

I volunteer for the United Force for Change because I want to contribute beyond myself and have an impact on the wellbeing of society.

Volunteering has impacted my career by building a strong personal brand in my company across different parts of the organization, as well as across the healthcare sector in the UK. Volunteering with the HBA expanded my network by helping me get accommodated rapidly in a new country–getting to know people in my company and outside my company–resulting in genuine friendships, mentorships and sponsorships.

My favorite HBA event I ever attended was the one we first reached 100 attendees – this was called Navigate Your Career: Personal Journeys from Senior Leaders to Ignite Your Drive to Achieve.

The most valuable lesson I learned from a fellow volunteer is to succeed as a leader, I first need to give before I ask from my team members.

My employer encourages me to volunteer for HBA because the diversity of thought I can bring back in my day to day work. I am grateful my company is encouraging me to volunteer in the HBA and sees it as an important platform for individual development. I am grateful I am part of the D&I journey both internally and externally – it helps me grow as an individual and contribute to others.

My favorite part of volunteering for the HBA is having a set of female role models I can reach out anytime for advice in my volunteering role; nothing seems impossible to achieve – everyone is helping you grow and reach your full potential, at an accelerated pace.

What would be your advice to someone thinking about joining or getting more involved with the HBA? I would absolutely encourage them to do so because you can transform your experience into whatever you need at a particular point in your personal journey in your career; you can instantly have access to a large number of inspirational role models across the healthcare sector who can help you grow as an individual and achieve any dream you have. Moreover, you have the possibility to participate in a mission that is allowing you to contribute to society.

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