Learn about our volunteer opportunities

Volunteers in an organization like the HBA St. Louis chapter are essential to its success. While busy schedules often make volunteering difficult, they are sure to pay dividends and are always worth the extra effort. The talent and enthusiasm of our volunteers are what make our programs so dynamic and relevant.

Through a small time commitment you can create the experience you’re looking for and get involved with the HBA. It offers many valuable opportunities for women at all stages of their careers and the variety of volunteer roles offers the opportunity to develop new skill sets or explore areas of interest outside of regular “work life.” For additional information about volunteering with the HBA St. Louis chapter, please contact Rebecca Saunders.

Current committees:

  • Finance – finances, treasury and pricing
  • Governance – administration - (local to global)
  • Marketing – advertising and promotion (social media, websites, etc.)
  • Meeting and event planning – product management and events; create calendar of events for chapter and select topics and speakers; plan and implement events
  • Membership development – build and support membership (orientations, recruitment and retention)
  • Sponsorship – sales, corporate relationships; serve as primary representative to secure funding for events/programs; communicate value of HBA with sponsor organizations
  • Volunteer engagement – recruiting volunteers for specific needs, assisting with volunteer recognition and volunteer develop

Please estimate how much time you can devote:

  • Full year volunteer (a few hours monthly)
  • Part year volunteer (a few hours every other month)
  • Event specific (single event or activities, several hours over 4-6 weeks)
  • As needed (ad hoc assistance when called)

For additional information about volunteering with the HBA St. Louis chapter, please contact Rebecca Saunders and let her know your areas of interest. Please list your top three choices in order of priority along with the amount of time you can devote. Once this has been received, an HBA member will contact you directly to further discuss.

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