HBA West Chester volunteer opportunities

Volunteer management

Be the life-blood of the HBA: energize, reward and track our volunteer run organization. Responsible for effectively and efficiently managing the utilization of members in mutually beneficial volunteer roles.

Several subcommittee leadership opportunities are available to help HBA West Chester grow and retain our volunteer network.

Seeking subcommittee leads for:

  • Volunteer recruitment/placement
  • Volunteer tracking
  • Volunteer recognition

Work as part of our volunteer engagement team to provide opportunities for members to build their leadership skills, enhance business acumen and build a bigger network.

Member outreach

Be a connector: welcome, engage and educate our new and returning members. Responsible for growing and maintaining the individual membership of the chapter through prospecting/recruitment, acquisition and retention efforts.

Several subcommittees leadership opportunities are available to help keep our members engaged and provide valuable feedback about the impact of our programs and services.

Seeking subcommittee leads for:

  • Member orientation
  • Radical hospitality
  • Lunch and learns

As a membership committee member, you will have the opportunity to work with members at all stages of their engagement with the local/regional HBA chapter and beyond.

Event marketing manager

Do you enjoy working with others, planning and developing a cohesive program of communications to captivate and engage members? Then this role is for you. We are looking for a talented volunteer to work with our marketing director at large to produce and oversee the execution of marketing around the chapter events. You will work in close collaboration with other marketing and programs colleagues to provide a communications plan including different media opportunities, promotions, website and collateral materials.

Chapter communications manager

HBA West Chester is looking for an enthusiastic volunteer to develop materials to deliver the organization's messages to our members in an engaging manner so that we can build the dialogue and better serve member needs. This role would report to the marketing director at large and work in close collaboration with the executive committee and other marketing colleagues to plan and produce a coordinated approach to member engagement through our chapter communications.

Programming team

Be a leader and key contributor of our programming team. Help us to provide programs that educate, inspire, and challenge our women and men members and non members

Identify speakers and topics that enrich the HBA events experience.

Seeking subcommittee leaders for:

  • Content
  • Event logistics
  • Venue/sponsor liaison

As a programming committee member, you will have the opportunity to work with recognized speakers, corporate partners/sponsors and other HBA committee members. You will be able to enhance your leadership, program management, networking and communication skills.
You will be inspired to create great programs to attract new members and retain the valuable members we have today.

If interested in volunteering or would like additional information, please contact Nancy Kovach or at 610-971-8164.

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