HBA Leadership Project for MLRC

The Leadership Project for women in medical, legal, regulatory and compliance (MLRC) functions is designed to deliver on the vision below.


There are four key pillars for the Leadership Project:

  1. Community: Create a community of collaborative, interactive professionals
  2. Knowledge: Exchange knowledge to build one another’s thought leadership
  3. Tools:  Provide leadership development tools (e.g., career coaching, mentoring)
  4. Integration: Share insights with internal women’s initiatives and developmental programs


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Download this Call to Action white paper on leadership impact. It includes testimonials of how the MLRC deliver value to the business.  

Download this Call to Action white paper on leadership talent. All stakeholders can benefit when MLRC functions are advancing their leadership skills.


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The HBA Leadership Project for MLRC has its own app.  To download:  Go to iTunes App Store or Google Play Store to download Mobile Health Library.  Launch our app, tap “Enter MHL App Code” and type “HBA”Tap “Submit” to launch.

We wish to thank the Drug Information Association (DIA) for its guidance and support to help establish and launch the Leadership Project in 2012.